The Sun

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The Sun, card 19 in the major arcanasun in a dark sky, baby walking joyfully towards us

The Sun shows a baby coming out of a garden, the sky behind the sun is dark, and symbolizes that we have left a darker period of time behind. We grow in the garden, and are in a way reborn when we come out of it. We leave the introvert and meditative state we were in with the card before The Sun, The Moon.  The sun shines upon us, and our self-confidence rises. The door is open, and from now on we decide exactly what we want our life to be like.

This card talks about leadership, we  find ways to lead, and others will listen and follow. The card shows us that we´re enthusiastic and inspiring and that we are facing a bright and social time in life.

King of Pentacles

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King of Pentacles, minor arcanaKing sitting on red sofa

The King of Pentacles is part of the 16 dressed cards, and he´s part of the earth family. He´s a man who has struggled thru life to achieve his goals of materialistic comfort and economical safety, and now he is there to enjoy the fruits of it. He is stable, down to earth and loyal. One can always count on him when he´s given his word. He hates to stress things and thinks that there´s a time for everything. He is a kind and loving man. Kings of pentacles are in the real world most lightly to find in jobs as architecting, cooking, farming or in the masseuse business. Some people claim that this man is a capricorn, but I am certain that it´s a taurus we´re dealing with here!

The card shows that only thru hard work and discipline you can fulfill your dream.


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Justice, card 8 in the major arcana

Blindfolded woman standing with peacock , lawbook and scales.

This card tells us about balance and harmony, juridical matters like divorces or inheritance issues or such.

The card shows that some old debt now must be payed. It could be either an economical or emotional debt.

You will probably get involved with governments and paperwork. This card almost always brings a sense of relief, finally things seem to come to an end.

King of Swords

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King of Swords, minor arcana

king with owl and sword

This card is one of the 16 dressed cards. It shows us an older man (king) standing in an airy room with an owl on his arm. The sword family´s element being air, this is an intellectual and analytic man full of ideas with a lively mind always ready to solve  problems or set up  strategies for something. His sword is pointing in the centre of the symbol for chaos, which shows us how this man always manages to point at the core of every dilemma or problem. He has a very diplomatic way of solving issues and he always strive for balance and harmony. The owl represents the wisdom this man picked up during his lifetravels, and the blue heart indicates that he rather thinks with his mind and sometimes forget to follow his heart. In the real world we are likely to find King of swords among psychiatrists, priests, inventors and teachers. By the way, this man is a libra (or gemini).

Princess of Wands

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Princess of Wands, minor arcana

blond girl standing with white kitten surrounded by fireflowers

This is one out of 16 “dressed” cards, still in the minor arcana. The dressed cards always reflects persons in our surroundings at first, secondly they represent parts of our selves.

The wand family’s element is fire, and the wand-princess is certainly a fiery one! This card describes a young woman full of playfulness and enthusiasm. She´s coragoues  and straight forward and love surprises and adventures. She loves being in the spotlights! She´s also a big fan of freedom and integrity. Oh, did I mention that her star sign  is aries (or leo)?

This card tells us that we should be playful, to dance and love and sing. It tells us to enjoy the sensuality in our every day life and to be as sexual as we want to. Allow yourself to be free and fiery like the  wand-princess!
This card could also mean that something new is coming your way and your self-confidence is increasing.

Ace of Cups

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Ace of Cups

The cup-family is part of the minor arcana, and all the cup-cards tells us something about emotions. The element for this family is water. The drawing shows two cherubs pouring water to the cup as a symbol of youth and innocence, and fresh water being poured in to the cup of love.

The Ace of Cups is a joyful card, that tells us about unconditional love, in its purest form, with no masks. It is reminding us of the great gift it is to be able to give without expecting anything in return and to take without felling guilt.

The Lovers

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The Lovers, card 6 in the major arcana

This card shows us a couple in a garden. Of course they represent female and masculine in a traditional meaning, her blouse being the night sky with the moon (emotions) and his jacket being red like aggression. But they also represent Mother earth and Father sky.  The sun shines and there are apples growing in the tree, and one of the apples is a yin-yang-symbol, and it tells us about balance and harmony. The tree shows us something strong that grows and gives fruit, and the pink ribbon warns us about binding our love to hard.

This cards meaning moves on two levels. On the social level it means marriage between lovers, and on a deeper level this means the inner marriage between Anima and Animus, between female and male which lead us to being  whole as a person.

It also means that you have to make a decision, and that you shall follow your heart in the matter. This card also suggests coming good partnership in work or in other matters.