King of Swords

King of Swords, minor arcana

king with owl and sword

This card is one of the 16 dressed cards. It shows us an older man (king) standing in an airy room with an owl on his arm. The sword family´s element being air, this is an intellectual and analytic man full of ideas with a lively mind always ready to solve  problems or set up  strategies for something. His sword is pointing in the centre of the symbol for chaos, which shows us how this man always manages to point at the core of every dilemma or problem. He has a very diplomatic way of solving issues and he always strive for balance and harmony. The owl represents the wisdom this man picked up during his lifetravels, and the blue heart indicates that he rather thinks with his mind and sometimes forget to follow his heart. In the real world we are likely to find King of swords among psychiatrists, priests, inventors and teachers. By the way, this man is a libra (or gemini).

~ by sarakina on February 5, 2010.

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