The Lovers

The Lovers, card 6 in the major arcana

This card shows us a couple in a garden. Of course they represent female and masculine in a traditional meaning, her blouse being the night sky with the moon (emotions) and his jacket being red like aggression. But they also represent Mother earth and Father sky.  The sun shines and there are apples growing in the tree, and one of the apples is a yin-yang-symbol, and it tells us about balance and harmony. The tree shows us something strong that grows and gives fruit, and the pink ribbon warns us about binding our love to hard.

This cards meaning moves on two levels. On the social level it means marriage between lovers, and on a deeper level this means the inner marriage between Anima and Animus, between female and male which lead us to being  whole as a person.

It also means that you have to make a decision, and that you shall follow your heart in the matter. This card also suggests coming good partnership in work or in other matters.

~ by sarakina on February 5, 2010.

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